Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar health insurance company is a relatively new insurer who is making positive changes to the industry. Because of their consumer focused approached, they have earned high reviews from members. With year over year expansion and high member engagement, Oscar is definitely a great choice for your medical insurance.

Oscar Health Insurance
Oscar Health Insurance

Who is Oscar?

Founded in 2012, Oscar health insurance started out in New York. Their success has allowed them to expand into a total of 18 States now. They have over 1400 employees working out of their offices in New York, Arizona, Texas, and California. Oscar was the first insurance company to use a direct-to-consumer approach which pairs member engagement with technology. Creating easier access for members has been a winning strategy for Oscar and it’s members. The company offers ACA compliant plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews

Oscar health insurance reviews are some of the best in the industry. Their members have given the company a 4.5/5 average customer service satisfaction rating. For the Affordable Care Act plans (ACA, Obamacare, etc.) they have also received a Net Promoter Score of 36 which is 3x higher than the industry average of 12 for other ACA carriers. Net Promoter is a third party scoring system that rates customers experiences and likelihood of recommending that product/service to friends and family. With a score that is 3x the industry average, it’s no wonder why more people are switching to Oscar each year.

Why Choose Oscar?

Oscar health plans make it easier for their members to access information and care. Their mobile app is easier to use has been downloaded by over half of their members. Their unique structure to insurance policies, along with the added benefits of an assigned care team and telemedicine, has made Oscar a good value to consumers.

How To Buy an Oscar Insurance Policy?

The easiest way to purchase Oscar health insurance is through a trusted enrollment center. Our licensed and certified agents can help you enroll into the right plan that fits your needs and budget. Shop plans and talk with a representative today to discuss your coverage and enrollment options.

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