If Obamacare Goes Away, What Will Happen To My Health Insurance?

Obamacare Affordable Health Insurance
Obamacare Affordable Health Insurance

Millions of Americans rely on Obamacare health insurance policies to get their medical coverage for pre-existing conditions. It’s understandable that millions of Americans also have concerns about what will happen to their health insurance if Obamacare goes away. It’s easy to get tangled up in all the hype and fear that gets spread through the media. Let’s focus on the facts about what will happen to your health insurance if Obamacare changes or gets over turned by the supreme court.

Does Obamacare Still Exist?

Yes. Obamacare is still the law of the land when it comes major medical insurance. There have been changes and adjustments to it since it was first passed in 2010. Since it’s inception, there have been changes made to it under all presidential administrations. These adjustments to the law have improved various aspects of it. Even though there has been changes to it, pre-existing conditions and financial assistance for low income households have been protected.

Will Obamacare Go Away?

As of right now, Obamacare is still around. None of us know what the future holds for the law. If Obamacare is ended by the supreme court or by congress, it will most likely be replaced quickly. Its replacement would most likely be similar because key features of the law are popular with most people.

What Will Happen if Obamacare Ends?

If Obamacare ends for whatever reason, your existing health insurance would remain the same for the time being. Even if the supreme court overturns Obamacare, the health insurance policies would remain active through the end of the current calendar year and possibly through the end of next year. Why will your health insurance stay in effect for the year? All health insurance policies are on file with state insurance commissioners. They are setup for the calendar year and the insurance companies can’t withdraw them, nor would they want to. Obamacare is a federal law, but your health insurance policy falls under both federal and state laws to protect you. If Obamacare ends, it just means the federal law ends, not the individual policies that the insurance companies offer.