Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance

What is Short Term Medical Insurance?

Short term medical insurance policies are often a more affordable alternative to Major Medical policies. They are call short term because they used to be limited to only 3 month terms and designed to fill gaps in other coverage. However, due to popular demand for these policies, the government now allows these polices to go as long as 3 years, but most will be a typical 12 month term.

What’s Different with a Short Term Medical Policy?

There is often more flexibility with a short term medical policy for start dates, national coverage PPO networks, and pricing. Most short term medical policies are underwritten, meaning the price can vary depending on your health. They will often exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions or at least have a waiting period before they are covered. In general, short term medical plans are designed for people who are fairly healthy without any major medical concerns and are looking for a more affordable health insurance option. Maternity and mental health services are not included in coverages.

What’s the Best Short Term Health Insurance?

The best short term health insurance is going to be the policy that fits your needs. It’s important to talk with a licensed expert on these plans to make sure you understand how they work and whether or not they are the right fit for you. The best short term health insurance plan will be a plan that has the coverage you want in the price range that you are comfortable with.

What Does Short Term Medical Cover?

There are differences in coverage between a short term medical policy and a major medical policy. Short term medical insurance plans are more designed for healthy people who want coverage just incase something unexpected happens and who don’t go to the doctor very often. Short term medical policies will usually cover a lot of the normal categories of services:

  1. Emergency Services
  2. Hospitalization
  3. Doctor Visits
  4. Urgent Care
  5. Surgeries
  6. Laboratory
  7. Prescriptions (discount card or coverage)
  8. Preventative Care (on some plans)

The coverages for short term medical policies are often more flexible and easier to customize to get the level of coverage you are happy with at a more affordable price that you are happy with as well.

How Much Does Short Term Medical Cost?

Just like with any insurance policy, the cost of a short term medical plan will vary depending on factors. The common factors that go into the price of a short term medical policy are age, gender, location, health, and level of coverage. Start your search for the best short term medical plan online or over the phone by calling one of our insurance experts.