Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Plans
Dental Insurance Plans

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance helps reduce the out of pocket costs when having dental procedures performed. Having a dental insurance policy is a low cost way to leverage a monthly premium amount. A dental policy provides financial protection against expected and unexpected dental care costs.

Why Get Dental Insurance?

Dental hygiene has a big impact on our overall health. In addition to good oral hygiene practices at home, it’s important to have routine cleanings and exams (preventative care). Having routine preventative care and help a dentist identify potential problems before they become bigger. Many dentists will offer you a discounted cash price for preventative care if you don’t have insurance. Some dentists even offer their own in-house care program for a fee. However, if you ever need anything more than preventative care, it can become very costly. Having an actual dental insurance policy will help cover the costs of preventative care as well as help cover the costs of additional dental services to protect you financially.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

There are three main categories of coverage on a dental insurance policy: Preventative Care, Basic Services, Major Services. The preventative care services will usually include exams, cleanings, consultations, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Basic services usually include fillings and simple extractions. The major services category will usually include oral surgery, crowns, bridges, root canals, endodontics, periodontics, etc. Some dental insurance plans will also provide coverage for dentures and orthodontics. If a dental plan covers them, they might be part of major services or have their own category.

Most dental plans on the open market will have waiting periods for some dental coverages. However, there are some dental plans that don’t have waiting periods. Be careful of plans that are a much lower cost than others or that don’t have waiting periods. Some of these plans might have a contractual requirement, hidden fees, or not as good of coverage as it appears. Always talk with an insurance expert to make sure you are getting the best dental insurance plan for your needs.

What’s the Best Dental Insurance?

The best dental insurance is going to be a policy that fits your needs and budget. There is no one size fits all when it comes to dental insurance. Most people would be completely satisfied with a high level dental ppo plan if it fit within their budget. Some people prefer a lower cost indemnity dental insurance policy, which is more of a reimbursement plan than a traditional dental plan. To get the best dental insurance for you, we recommend talking with one of our dental insurance experts prior to making a decision. Our experts can even help you get enrolled into the best dental insurance plan, so its an easy process for you.