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Get affordable health insurance that is best for your needs. Health insurance laws are constantly changing, giving consumers more options when it comes to their insurance choices. Learn more about each type of health insurance policy that is available and shop the plans that look the best to you.

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Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are designed to be the main medical portion of your coverage. There are several different kinds of affordable health insurance plans to choose from. Some of the medical plans are more affordable than others, while some plans offer more coverage but with a higher price. You might qualify for more affordable health insurance based on your household income or based on how healthy you are.

Affordable Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

Major Medical

Health insurance marketplace plans that meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Medicare Insurance Plans

Medicare Plans

Health insurance and prescription drug plans for individuals who are Medicare eligible.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Health

Short term health insurance plans offer a lower-cost solution with terms ranging from 1 to 36 months.

Limited Medical Insurance Plans

Limited Medical Plans

Limited medical insurance plans are a low-cost alternative to traditional health insurance plans, if you qualify.

Supplemental Health Insurance

In addition to the most common supplemental coverages like dental and vision coverage’s, other popular coverages are accidental and critical illness. Supplemental health insurance coverage’s are a great way to help protect you financially in addition to your main medical policy. They help cover the out of pocket costs you are responsible for. These can be direct expenses like deductibles, copays, coinsurance, max out of pocket. Supplemental health insurance coverage can also help with indirect expenses like loss of income, fuel for driving, household services (cleaning, cooking, etc.) that are often an inconvenient burden when a situation happens and while you are recovering.

Accident Injury Supplemental Health Insurance

Accidental Injury

Accident medical expense plans help protect you financially from deductibles and other expenses.

Critical Illness Supplemental Health Insurance

Critical Illness

Get additional financial protection for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, strokes, etc.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance

Get no-charge cleanings and x-rays included with most plans and coverage to help pay for other dental services.

Hospital Expense Supplemental Health Insurance

Hospital Expense Plan

A hospital expense plan can help with out of pocket costs related to a hospitalization and other medical services.

Not Sure Which Affordable Health Insurance to Choose?

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