Do I Qualify For Health Insurance?

Do I Qualify to Enroll?

There are opportunities to sign up for health insurance plans all year. Depending on the type of plan you need or want, you might be restricted to certain enrollment periods. Outside of the annual open enrollment period for everyone, you might qualify for what is called a special enrollment period. If you live in a state that allows year-round enrollment into certain medical plans, then you don’t need an enrollment period, you can sign up whenever you want to.

Do I Qualify for a Lower Price?

You can still get health insurance if you make too much money or too little, but you would just have to pay full price. Luckily, we can help you with more affordable health insurance options, regardless of your income level.

If your income falls within certain ranges, then you might qualify for “tax credit”; which is a subsidized lower monthly price for an Affordable Care Act policy (Obamacare). Here is a chart of the income ranges that might qualify you for a tax credit on your affordable health insurance policy.

Household SizeMinimum IncomeMaximum Income
1 person$12,760$51,040
2 people$17,240$68,960
3 people$21,720$86,880
4 people$26,200$104,800
5 people$30,680$122,720
6 people$35,160$140,640
7 people$39,640$158,560
8 people$44,120$176,480